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Who we are

Be Bright Tuition, is a specialized tuition company that employs university graduates in the engineering, chemistry and educational field. We believe that the best way to educate the youth of today is to have educators who have specialized in their respective fields.

Our team is passionate about educating the youth of South Africa. Our passion is fueled by the extremely high youth unemployment rate (46,3%) in South Africa accounting to StatsSA. With a ever-growing need for mathematics and sciences specialists in the country, we want to empower and ensure that the youth of South Africa have an opportunity to study and succeed in their chosen careers.

Since COVID-19 hit the shores of our country, the need for quality education on demand and online has rapidly increased. Throughout this pandemic, the youth have suffer through their education as they have lost valuable school time and resources that were previously available. I have meet many young adults who are currently preparing for their end year exams and are not ready for what lies ahead as they have been hugely disadvantage by everything.

However, we have come with a solution. With the use of innovative technology and on demand video platforms, we are able to ensure that we can continue to educate the youth in the comfort of their home. We want to ensure that everyone can receive quality education, anywhere, anyplace at anytime. We provide a range of options and great benefits for aligning with us.

We offer CAPS/IEB tuition from Grade 4 - 8 and the Cambridge Education system from IGCSE to A Level.

We specialize in the Cambridge education system as we believe that it provides young adults with the tools to create a brighter and successful future in any career. Since 2019, we have been educating the youth of tomorrow and can't wait to educate many more passionate young adults through their careers.



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CAPS Education System

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IEB Education System



Cambridge Education System



National Benchmark Test

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